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App design and development. Solutions to help run your business smoother. From operational management to e-commerce. 

Building user friendly apps to run your business. Providing solutions for your business. Built for the user first.

Apps to run your business:

Wanting to stream line aspects of your business? Or perhaps make some paperwork smoother? We can provide solutions to your problems. Putting forms or operations from paper onto an app can save time, and help organise a business. Making sure all info is stored correctly, and processes are done more efficiently, straight from your phone or tablet.

How much will an App cost?2022-08-18T13:16:37+00:00

It depends on the size, type and function of the app.

Larger apps built for the App and Android Store can be costly. However there benefits will outway the cost.

Web apps can be a cost effective option for internal operational functions. These function like an app but run from a webpage.

Basic (non bespoke) apps can be done for a monthly fee, ongoing while you use the apps.

We like to pride ourselves on giving the best solutions for our clients problems. Please contact us and we can arrange a quote.

Case Study:

In 2019 Bond Brickwork came to us wanting to know if we could help them streamline there wages process. There were finding it difficult to keep on top of all wages from a lot of different sites. Hours, amounts, team members etc… The paperwork would get lost or sometimes they didn’t have the forms with them. It was also taking a lot of time to complete forms on paper, then hand them in at the office to then be added to excel.

We designed a web app which could easily be accessed on phones or tablets by managers on site. The data would then be automatically saved in the app, which could be exported automatically when needed. We built a user friendly app, developed with Bond Brickwork to ensure it was simple and quick to use.

The app has been in use to present, and saves office staff around a day and half per week of time. Thus resulting in a monetary saving as well as being more efficient.

We build attractive user friendly apps, available as one off projects or with continued management/updates.

How it all WORKS:


It all starts with a user friendly attractive website. Allowing users to find the info, and actions they need.


Next step is to make sure when your potential customers search for your services on google they find you and not your competition. We deliver tried and tested packages.


Connecting with people who know or should know your business. Expanding through the social media networks best suited to your business.


Pay per click campaigns to generate leads. Target the best keywords and phrases for your business and direct them to the most suitable page on your site.


Increase quality traffic to your site through a targeted digital marketing campaign. Using tracking analytics to optimise your site performance and understand customer wants and behaviour.


Customers and potential clients use forms and calls to action on the website and social channels to provide you with leads.

Grow with HALIZONA:


We are a full service West Yorkshire based digital agency specialising in Word Press Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. Our aim is to develop your brand online to ensure your business is seen, respected, and interacted with, when, and wherever your existing or potential customers are looking.


Total Biomass Solutions

Starting in late 2020 we worked on TBS' website, branding, SEO, videos. They saw a big growth in leads generated and winning some lucrative contracts


We've recently upgraded the design and layout for TV director & producer Phil Turner's website.


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