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Providing your business with website expertise, and support for online growth. Branding, strategy, & operational assistance.

Building showcase websites to market your business to customers. Attractive user friendly site designs. Allowing users to find the info, and actions they need.

Websites to grow your business:

We’ve over 10 years of experience in designing and building websites. A number of our clients have used the websites we build to help them grow. Some for increasing sales, some for building trust, and some for sharing news.

How much will a website cost?2022-08-10T16:00:45+00:00

It really depends on the size and functions you require for your website. The best way is to have a chat with us so we can understand your needs and budget. However generally there are options for all budgets. From smaller basic showcase websites, to larger design heavy e-commerce or growth sites.

Case Study:

Total Biomass Solutions had an underperforming website and had been burnt on an expensive PPC campaign. Bar word of mouth they weren’t getting any traffic.

In late 2020 we built them a new website showcasing the services they offer. We also built a number of pages targeting certain areas with the services they offer. Within a few months they secured a lucrative contract. We have continued to manage their site, and they regularly receive new leads and business to present. We focused on the colours in their existing logo to build an attractive, clean, and site to go along with their renewable ethos. We laid out the content for their services in an easy to digest way. We built a detailed enquiry form so potential customers could clearly let them know what they needed.

As well as managing their website, we assist with branding, photography, social media, SEO and producing videos.

We build attractive user friendly sites, available as one off projects or with continued management/updates.

How it all WORKS:


It all starts with a user friendly attractive website. Allowing users to find the info, and actions they need.


Next step is to make sure when your potential customers search for your services on google they find you and not your competition. We deliver tried and tested packages.


Connecting with people who know or should know your business. Expanding through the social media networks best suited to your business.


Pay per click campaigns to generate leads. Target the best keywords and phrases for your business and direct them to the most suitable page on your site.


Increase quality traffic to your site through a targeted digital marketing campaign. Using tracking analytics to optimise your site performance and understand customer wants and behaviour.


Customers and potential clients use forms and calls to action on the website and social channels to provide you with leads.

Grow with HALIZONA:


We are a full service West Yorkshire based digital agency specialising in Word Press Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. Our aim is to develop your brand online to ensure your business is seen, respected, and interacted with, when, and wherever your existing or potential customers are looking.


Total Biomass Solutions

Starting in late 2020 we worked on TBS' website, branding, SEO, videos. They saw a big growth in leads generated and winning some lucrative contracts


We've recently upgraded the design and layout for TV director & producer Phil Turner's website.


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